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introducing -
my artwork & online gallery

All of my work is shot on iPhone.

It is my medium of choice and main access point to the surrounding world. 

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Hello and thank you for stopping by my online gallery & art store - this is an exhibition of my life, photography, and journey over several years (~2013). 

A bit about me

I’m Alexandra Logushova, hence the name of my gallery. I was born in Kyrgyzstan in 1994 and immigrated to Canada in 2001.

By nature I am curious, sensitive, interactive, and fluid in who I am and what I do. My art style reflects this curiosity and fluidity along the many journeys I've been on so far.

Though we can never be sure how other people really see the world, in all the different hues, senses, and mental perceptions, I think art is one medium humans have aimed to leverage for a long time to peer into other peoples’ worlds. What you see with my work is an embodiment of how I view the world around me: moments in real-time that are: colourful, shy in distance yet curious with zooming in, unrehearsed and unprepared, global, and rather simple. My goal with photography is to share the very basically extraordinary parts of everyday life as a reminder of how impactful and extraordinary all of us are. Whether it’s sitting on a rock drinking beer, kissing your dog at the airport, a funny car license plate - I take great pleasure in the very basically extraordinary parts of everyday life, no matter where I go. Photography embodies a deeply personal and emotional journey for me - a quest to find “home”, which I feel I’m still on. Taking these photos has always tethered me, even if I’m far away and lost - I know that simple human pleasures are a shared experience and you can always find your way “back” by peering inwards into these moments. 

My photography is about telling the stories that might have gone untold. The extraordinarily simple ways of everyday life, around the world.

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My photography is about telling the stories that might have gone untold.

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