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tribute to 2020: Videos

2020 etc: Portrayal of the pandemic

my parents separated, my dog Maggie died, we locked down. I lived along, lysoling my bananas and playing trivia with my friends over zoom. I lost 10 pounds, then gained about 15. I made horrible bread. I supported my local provincially owned crown corporation buying wine all the time. I cried alone in my couch, not on, but in which i moulded into after some time. 

eventually i left. the photos from mexico are no accident. I was lucky and will always count my blessings for what 2021 beyond gave me instead. Im not certain it made up for the unprocessed baggage from 2020, it is what it is.

*not all of the photos are my own and i do not claim credit for those that are not. This page is meant to be a visual gallery to show the many moments, memes and people that were part of 2020. 

tribute to 2020: Text
tribute to 2020: Pro Gallery
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